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Over 20,000 items in our inventory!!!

Minimum of 5 copies of same
octavo or book per order (if available)

To browse our inventory, enter "browse " and the beginning letter into the search box. Example: "browse c". Once you have started browsing you can refine your search by making choices under the "Section", "Level" and/or "Season" selections.

All assets and inventory formerly owned by HIGH COUNTRY Resources are now OWNED by GLOBAL HARMONY, LLC. All items listed in the database are originals and available for purchase at USED MUSIC PRICES with the proceeds going to fund projects around the globe. Once all originals are sold, the item is no longer available. No copies will be made under any circumstances.

Once registered, you may order as often as you wish, providing the item is still available. After registration, you will need to log in, using your email address and zip code, for additional orders.

Orders will be shipped within 10 days of order submitted and payment received.

Following are the prices of all items:
Books$4.00 each
Octavos$1.00 each
Single Song Orchestrations$30.00
Full Musical Orchestrations$100.00
Accomp. CDs$50.00
Listening CDs$15.00
Accomp. Cassettes$25.00
Listening Cassettes$10.00
Rehearsal Tracks (set)$50.00

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